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Late Shri Keshavlal R. Shah the protagonist for a solution to this problem and founder Trustee of this Ashram thought of the Society where Elders can live together till their life and He roped in Shri Chandravadan Shantilal Shah the present President and the construction of this ashram started in 1982. Shri Arvindbhai Kothari, a civil engineer from Nadiad helped him in the construction activity. With the paucity of funds in there beginning Shri Keshavlals strong and firm determination brought into being the concept. The Ashram had a modest beginning with only 5/7 inmates and hardly 10% of the construction. As the time passed and the need for such Ashram was felt by the Society, extensions were made. The construction of the Ashram had to be done to bring it to its present level with all the facilities in tune with the times. Life style and the requirements were closely studied by the Trustees and new construction, new facilities and new gadgets were introduced

Our Objectives

In the last 40/50 years the longevity has tremendously increased and almost three generations have to live together as family. With the changing lifestyle, pattern, and India fast adopting International family mode. The place of the elders (over 60 years and retired) is fast getting g obliterated. The inflation has taken tall of the meagre savings of such elders. They have no place to go and live and more so with people of their kind. Where they live together like an extended family, feel concerned about each other. The mobility of children and the paucity of space have almost shattered the joint family living of India which once was. The Elders are required to fend for themselves.

Latest News

Ashaktashram is planning PATANGOTSAV ON 4TH JAN
when we propose to distributeq kites to abt 250 school children
all subject to COVID situation

We are also planning DHAANDAN by the end of JAN
all subject to COVID situation

Nareshbhai has already started renovation of bathrooms and he is closely monitoring the work

Despite odds,Ashaktashram is continuing almost all the programs unhindered
Pl do come during these programs = chandravadan